Learning Portfolio 3 – Q1 Summary Part 2

“Chunking is a strategy used to improve memory performance. It helps you present information in a way that makes it easy for your audience to understand and remember” (CA Software in Practice, n.d)

The best way to remember important information such as numerical sequences is to remember them in “chunks”. With regards to chunking in design, I believe that it is extremely vital to apply this technique within web design. When designing a website, designers and developers need to be aware that not a lot of web users will read long passages of text on their screen, they will more than often save it to their hard drive or print them so it is more comfortable for them to read. (Web Style Guide, 2004)

Chunking within web design can also allow the design to look uniform and cohesive, which allows the user to be aesthetically pleased with the design. If you were to view a website that had text displayed all over the page versus a website that had text in sections, which would be easier to read? Web users will often remember the information more when it is displayed in chunks, as pages of mass text tend to disinterest and disorientate users, especially when they have to scroll down for long distances in order to view further information. (Web Style Guide, 2004)

Users “…skip straight over large blocks of text unless the first two words grab their attention.” (Nichcy, n.d.) so that explains to designers that we we design layouts for websites, it is important to ensure that the layout of the text is in sections (or chunks) so it makes it more visually engaging for users as well as educational.

As well as breaking up information into sections, other design elements that can be used within chunking are using Headings, Sub-headings, Bullet Points, breaking longer documents into separate pages etc..


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