Learning Portfolio 3 – Q1 Summary Part 3

Psychology is extremely vital and necessary in design. The idea is that “If we know hows and whys of human psychology in design, we can design better, and complete our jobs as designers” (Goel, n.d.)

Knowing how people react to visual elements allows us as designers to craft an effect design (Johnson, 2012). It is important to understand who you are designing for and why, which will allow you to provide a more tailored design to your client.

It is essential to study the functions of the human brain, because at the end of the day they are your target audience and you need to know what they find visually appealing and why, does it ignite certain emotions or memories, are they positive or negative? All these are questions that need to be addressed initially in the design process.


Goel, N. (n.d.). Using human psychology in design—Why do we work? Retrieved May 10, 2013, from Symmetry Code: http://symmetrycode.com/exploiting-human-psychology-in-design-why-we-work-design-theory/

Johnson, R. (2012, August 2). 10 Psychological Principles to Design With. Retrieved May 10, 2013, from 3.7 Designs: http://3.7designs.co/blog/2012/08/10-psychological-principles-to-design-with/


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