Learning Portfolio 4 – Q1 Summary Part 2

Wikipedia is not a reliable source as the content of any pages on Wikipedia can be updated and edited by anyone as they see fit. Someone without the appropriate expertise (Fogg, 2003) can easily go into any page on Wikipedia and replace the content with whatever they like.

Some of the information that is listed on Wikipedia may indeed be very credible, but as people with certain expertise do not review entries on the site (Harvard Guide to Using Sources, n.d.), it is hard for people to really know if what they are reading is authentic.

Another reason as to why Wikipedia cannot be used as a reputable source is because you dont actually have any knowledge on who wrote the article itself (Moran, 2011). You dont have to provide your name when you are submitting an article on Wikipedia, therefore you wont know who wrote what.

The fact that Wikipedia’s lack of credibility has been reported on numerous occasions is enough to give you warning signs that it cannot be trusted as a reliable source. Wikipedia is notorious for posting fake death reports of numerous celebrities when in fact they are very much alive. (Wikipedia is Wrong, n.d.)

Because Wikipedia has been labelled as a website that is not credible or trustworthy on more than one occasion, they will lose credibility instantly (Fogg, 2003).

And the main reason why Wikipedia cannot be used as a credible or reliable sources – because Wikipedia tells us that itself – “We do not expect you to trust us” (Wikipedia, 2013)


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