Learning Portfolio 4 – Q1 Summary Part 3

  • Grammatical errors – If there are continued spelling errors on the website, it will appear lazy and unprofessional
  • Website pop-up ads – Lack of firewall security and the idea that a company is trying to persuade you to “buy into” something, rather than just providing information free of charge
  • Websites that are not regularly updated – When websites are not regularly updated, it presents the idea that the owner of the website has no desire to update the website therefore placing no importance in the website itself
  • Orphan links (Error 404) – when there are missing/broken links on websites, it becomes quite evident that nobody has taken the time to fix these, and therefore credibility and professionalism in the website has been lost
  • Websites without personalised domain names – When a website owner has not taken the time or forked out the money for a domain name subscription, the website loses credibility immediately. If you are serious about promoting your services, you should take the time and invest in the idea of having a personalised domain name to make it appear more professional
  • Lack of “chunking” on the website – The lack of chunking of information on a website makes the website appear messy, in-cohesive and unprofessional

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